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Produced and directed by Richard Crawford

An "authentic 60's flashback," this anti-Vietnam War film was banned by the U.S. military. Filmed in 1969, a distribution rights dispute locked it in litigation for thirty years. This is a story of free love, cheap grass, and anti-war protests at Berkeley.

A young Marine (played by Geoff Gage) has two weeks leave from Vietnam to return home to Pacific Beach after his stepfather dies. He meets a young girl (played by Andrea Cagan) who turns him on to marijuana and the hippie lifestyle.

Filmed in San Diego, the movie includes scenes of Crystal Pier, Balboa Park, Vacation Village, La Jolla Cove, and Pacific Beach. Written by Richard Crawford and Barry Leichtling, a grad student in the UCSD literature department.

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    TBT: One of my favorite scences in #CaptainMilkshake...directed by #RichardCrawford, #editing by Richard crawford and co-produced by Richard...beautiful #film of the late #60s early #70s nothing filmed than or now tells the story so real and as it was.
    #hippies #VietnamVets #War #Love #FreeLove

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