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Profoundly felt, Captain Milkshake is the first dramatic independent feature film to deal with the controversial political and cultural issues surrounding the Vietnam War era.  "An authentic 60's flashback," it's a love story of women's liberation, free love, rock 'n roll, and all set during an anti-war protest in Berkeley.

Carlsbad resident, Richard Crawford, Emmy award winning producer/ director, filmed Captain Milkshake in San Diego and Berkeley in 1970 during the War that ended five years later. It was banned by the U.S. military. A legal dispute locked the film out of circulation for 35 years.

A young Marine, Paul, (played by Geoff Gage) has two weeks emergency leave from Vietnam action to return home. He meets a beautiful young woman, Melissa, (played by Andrea Cagan) who turns him on to the counter-culture lifestyle. The war debate that ensues casts light on the country's divided opinion about the war and threatens Paul and Melissa's love affair.

   Recently the Viennale, Rotterdam, and Leeds International Film festivals screened Captain Milkshake as a special guest presentation, European premiere. Hans Hurch, the Director of the Viennale International Film festival said this about Captain:

"Absolutely stunning and something very special...a very moving, political, cinema-graphic film …absolutely fresh- it’s as if no time has gone by… It 's eye-opening, joyful, delightful, liberating, amazing, surprising… so full of images you wouldn’t expect…”

The film premiered in San Diego and thousands saw it in 150 cities across the U.S. in 1972, Captain is a "lost treasure" returned to the screen. The Sound track music includes:  The Steve Miller Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Country Joe & The Fish, and Kaleidoscope.
  • TBT: Paul (Geoff Gage)saying thank you to Melissa (Andrea Cagan) when dropping him off at his home in Pacific Beach.
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