Richard Crawford

Richard Crawford next to Captain Milkshake poster
San Diego Historical Society’s exhibit:
Filming San Diego:
Hollywood’s Backlot 1898-2002

Richard Crawford’s awards include four area Emmy Awards, Gold Cindy Awards for multimedia, a New York Art Directors Award, and the San Diego Film Festival Prize. His wide-screen motion picture, Captain Milkshake, was the first dramatic film to deal with the controversial issues around the Vietnam War. Captain Milkshake has been screened at the Sundance/Slamdunk Film Festival.

In 1997, Richard was the first American to contract with Soven-Films of Russia to produce the first joint Soviet-American documentary, Americans and Glasnost. His pioneering work in interactive multimedia earned his work a place at the Smithsonian Institute as an example of this advanced technological medium.

During the past three years, Richard served as the head of Staff for Recreation Foundation for the internationally famous author of Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsh. He produced and directed television programs, audio books and multimedia for Neale. Richard’s multi-faceted career encompasses the amusement business, filmmaking, animation, and interactive multimedia. He designed, built and internationally toured the world’s first laser multimedia theater, Laserdome.

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